Francis Paré

Francis Paré
Partner (Old Montréal Office)

Partner at Zeste Meetings & Incentives, Francis is actively involved in every aspect of the company, from business development and event design to on-site management. With innovative vision and a “There is always a solution” mentality, Francis loves strategizing with clients about how to achieve their objectives and then bringing it to life in new and unique ways.

Francis is highly involved in the event industry all across North America. When he is not running an Ironman or riding his mountain bike, Francis enjoys spending time with his family.

I can’t take the plane without…?

My Bose noise-cancelling headphones.

My motto…?

There is always a solution.

If I were a hashtag…?


Favorite place in Montreal (or in Toronto)…?

My favorite place in Montreal is the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve during Formula 1 week. As a kid I’ve always dreamed of working in the motorsport industry. Now I have that privilege of working at Zeste.

Place where you love to go back to…?

I am more the kind of guy who looks forward to visiting new places, so I would have to say London. I’ve never been, and it’s on my list.