Diariatou Tirera

Assistant Project Manager (Head Office)
E-mail: dtirera@zesteincentive.com

Diariatou is passionate: passionate about fashion, travel, meeting people and challenges.

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in marketing, she worked for five years in the insurance industry where she accompanied insured customer with their automobile claims. She then left Paris, made a smooth transition and landed in Montreal. Since 2016, she brought her suitcase full of creativity at Zeste. Diariatou likes to take on new challenges and actively participate in the success of different projects. As soon as she arrived, she took the initiative of refreshing the visual identity of Zeste, with the aim of boosting your interest in doing business with us, by: creating streamlined sales documents, suggesting elegant and trendy uniforms (worn by our staff) and revitalizing our website.

I can’t take the plane without…?

My pillow and headphones.

My motto…?

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” – Carl

If I were a hashtag…?


Favorite place in Montreal (or in Toronto)…?

Mount Royal.

Place where you love to go back to…?

Dakar, Senegal… my roots.